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Eip is one of the leading manufacturers of Paper Bags, Strip Window Bags, Paper Carrier Bags, Wicketed Paper Bags and Printed Paper on the Roll. From Bread bags, Fast Food bags and Fashion Carrier bags through to Pharmacy bags, Personalised Branded bags, Greaseproof Sheets and Paper Straws.

Our specialised team has years of experience and expertise in brand design and bespoke packaging solutions, as well as industry standard solutions. Simply give us a call and find out more about how to enhance your brand with tailored bespoke packaging to suit your business requirements.

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We facilitate part and bulk deliveries to stores, consolidators as well as distribution centres.

Frequently asked questions.

What is EIP doing to protect ecosystems and biodiversity?2022-09-04T21:07:42+01:00

We actively manage our forests to protect ecosystems and biodiversity.

We believe that the best solutions are in nature. Sustainable management is our top priority, as biodiversity is essential for securing the productivity and resilience of forests.

What is EIP doing about digitalisation?2022-09-04T21:05:23+01:00

Digitalisation is an opportunity we’re using to grow and transform our business.

Our digital journey is part of our success.

We use advanced analytics to improve operational efficiency and quality in our processes and products.

We serve our customers with digital platforms that enable faster connections, easier information and better customer service.

Together we implement new ways of working that combine disruptive technologies and human intelligence to increase safety and performance, and stoke innovation.

What is EIP doing about deforestation?2022-09-04T21:04:18+01:00

We protect against deforestation through sustainable forestry management and responsible sourcing.

We are committed to responsible sourcing.

100% of our wood is responsibly sourced, with 90% sourced locally from the countries where our mills are located.

100% of our paper mills and forestry operations are chain-of-custody certified.

Through the working forests model, we protect forests and let them grow. By giving forests a value, we protect and enhance them.

What does ‘Sustainable by design’ mean?2022-09-04T21:02:37+01:00

Sustainable by design reflects our purpose and how we contribute to a better world by making innovative, sustainable packaging and paper.

Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy. It is the thread that runs through all our decision-making and lies at the heart of our industry-leading integrated business model.

We are committed to manufacturing excellence, so that we operate sustainably across the value chain and run our operations safely and efficiently.

We try to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes at every step. Our EcoSolutions approach helps customers find the right sustainable solutions to meet their sustainability goals – from strong, lightweight paper bags to fully recyclable flexible plastic pouches and much more.

How can I get a price quote or other information about a product?2022-09-04T22:28:29+01:00

The best way to contact us is through the contact form.

If you’re interested in a particular product, click ‘Contact us’. The contact form will pre-fill with information about the product, so you have less to type, and it will forward automatically to the person responsible in the country where you need the product.

You can use the contact form to inquire about any topic and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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The quality of their products stands out from everything else in the market. These guys know what they are doing.
– John Peters

I needed some party bags urgently and these guys came through and saved the day. It was a pleasure dealing with them all the way through! So happy! Thank you.
– Angelia


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